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Posts By Heather Wilkerson

Go Green, Save Green: Digitizing the Post-Purchase Experience

What do today's conscious consumers really want? Today’s product owners have high expectations for... Read More

Ownership Experience Best Practices

In our last post, we took an in-depth look atOwnership Experience(OX for short) and the many... Read More

What is the Ownership Experience (OX)?

To say that the term “customer experience” is ubiquitous is like saying there are quite a few stars... Read More

The Future of Ownership Experiences

Imagine your customers being able to access the product information and support they need on... Read More

Registria Celebrates 10 Years

The year’s end is often a time for both brands and individuals to reflect. Where did we start... Read More

Customer Onboarding: An Opportune First-Party Data Collection Moment 

In our last post, we discussed the importance of developing a first-party data strategy ahead of... Read More

First Party Customer Data is Sweeter Than Any Cookie

There is an ongoing debate over the removal of third-party cookies and what the impact will be on... Read More

Level Up Your Juvenile Product Registration

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Americans are on the Move – Here’s How Your Brand Can Reach Them

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How First-Party Data Can Connect You to Your Amazon Customers

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