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managed care programs
Be the joy behind customers’ peace of mind

You delivered their favorite product so you should be the one offering protection beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. Offer product protection plans with benefits direct from your brand with Registria’s turn-key Managed Care programs.

Build long-lasting customer relationships with branded Managed Care programs

A customized Managed Care program means your brand is well represented and always front and center with customers across all touch points. From plan benefits designed for your products and customer profiles, to sales channel presentation to claims and service interactions consistency across every touch point helps your brand build long-lasting customer relationships.

Take advantage of turn-key program execution

Registria takes the guesswork out of Managed Care program administration. On your behalf, we facilitate every branded Managed Care Program, from underwriting and plan pricing, to analytics, customer support, and optimization giving your customers, and your brand, peace of mind.

Offer frictionless care and support

Exceed customer expectations by offering outstanding support for every plan purchased, including access to warranty information and coverage status, easy warranty claims submissions, and access to resources that take the friction out of the process.

Experience revenue gains from new and existing sales channels

Sell more plans across more channels. From retail distribution partners, to the Onboarding experience and across all product ownership phases. We leverage rich data to engage owners to purchase and/or renew their extended Care coverage. We deliver unique, personalized campaigns through email, direct mail, SMS, etc — that reach each product owner with the relevant information they want.

Smart insights
High-value data, at scale

Display plan metrics like sales, revenue, and point of purchase data through an intuitive and easy to understand dashboard. Gain insights about owner characteristics, purchasing behavior, and dealer performance to optimize both in-market and future campaigns.

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​​The Registria Difference

By crafting programs specific to you brand and customers, Registria is committed to highlighting your brand, not ours, not the retailer’s, and not a 3rd party provider. We manage every aspect of the program, helping turn product owners into brand loyalists while you realize game-changing revenue outcomes.

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Prefer brand backed plans

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Interested in a branded Managed Care program of your own?

Talk to a Managed Care expert today to learn more about how your brand can generate more revenue and boost customer lifetime value.

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