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Luxury Products Deserve Luxury Experiences

When Shinola first partnered with Registria in 2021, their top focus was increasing product registration rates to identify more owners and create personalized email journeys for existing customers. Check out this Impact Study to learn how their unique implementation led to owner identification rates doubling and post-purchase email campaigns averaging an open rate above 75%!


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We're passionate about ownership experiences (OX) that create value for brands and product owners.
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Concierge & the OXM Platform

Discover what Concierge is and how the OXM Platform works its magic with Owner Journeys?

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Build Profitable Relationship With Your Amazon Customers | ebook

Learn how to identify and build profitable relationships with amazon customers with this free ebook.

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Learn how Shinola doubled their owner identification rates and boast a 75+% open rate on ...

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Thermacell Impact Study

Learn how Thermacell increased registration rates, Email CTR, and increased average cart size of ...

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The Ultimate Journey Guide

Learn how brands are leveraging Owner Journeys to deliver key outcomes.

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Whirlpool Impact Study

Learn how Whirlpool increased registration rates, Email CTR, and increased average cart size of ...

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2020 Trend Report

Our analysis validates the continued shift in digital-first consumer behavior, which accelerated as ...

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2019 Trend Report

Connecting directly with the people who own your products and engaging them throughout their ...

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Outdoor Brand Playbook

Our playbook for outdoor brands to build valuable, lasting relationships with their customers.

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Self-Guided Product Tours and Videos

Concierge Self-Guided Tour

Take a tour of Concierge and learn what outcomes you could experience.

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Owner Onboarding Solution Video

Deliver a rewarding experience to every product owner at scale–from the moment they buy their ...

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Ownership Experience Video

There are many moments within the ownership experience and brands need to be there in the moments ...

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