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Registria and Shinola's Success Story Featured on Marketing Sherpa

Dive into our exploration of how Shinola doubled product registrations and achieved a staggering... Read More

Registria CEO Collin Cohen Featured in Authority Magazine

In an interview with Authority Magazine, Registria CEO Collin Cohen shares his valuable insights on... Read More

From Siloed to Seamless: Optimizing a Durable Goods Tech Stack

How to Build (or Re-Build) a CX Tech Stack for Greater Customer Experience When it comes to... Read More

Registria Expands Decision Intelligence Capabilities to Improve Post-Purchase Interactions

Enhancements to Registria’s OXM Platform allow brands to better personalize the experiences they... Read More

AI fueled by First-Party Data

Unlocking the Real AI Potential: Improving product ownership interactions with first-party data. ... Read More

AI in the Ownership Experience

Unlocking the Real Potential: The Power of AI Application Beyond the Hype The foundation for ... Read More

Ownership Experience Best Practices

In our last post, we took an in-depth look atOwnership Experience(OX for short) and the many... Read More

What is the Ownership Experience (OX)?

To say that the term “customer experience” is ubiquitous is like saying there are quite a few stars... Read More

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The Future of Ownership Experiences

Imagine your customers being able to access the product information and support they need on... Read More