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Personalize the Ownership Experience with Accurate and Authentic Owner Data


As many of our partner brands will attest, accurate and authentic customer data is essential to drive valuable ownership experiences. When you know who your product owners are, you can personalize their experiences and instill trust in every interaction.

The difficulty lies in gathering accurate and authentic data. As user privacy protections increase and ad blocking becomes more prevalent, third-party data becomes less feasible. First party data – arguably the best data, but historically harder to attain – is now more accessible due to growing demand for digital onboarding.

Still, even first party data may contain inaccuracies due to typos, false information and fraudulent sources. This leads to a number of challenges for CRM, customer support and direct-to-consumer leaders:

  • I'd like to leverage text messaging as a way to communicate with my product owners. How do I even know if I can?
  • I send marketing emails based on registration data but so many of them end up bouncing because the person submitted email addresses with errors.
  • Our addresses are all over the place and I don't even know if they are valid for direct mail. How do we standardize them?
  • I get registrations that appear to be from bots or fraudulent sources. How can I avoid these?

If any of these issues sound familiar, keep reading for the good news….

Personalized Ownership Experiences Rely on Authentic First-Party Data

For most product brands, registration is the primary source of first party data. Mobile registration continues to increase the number of customers who register, and also attracts those who have never registered before. As such, registration data has become a strategic enabler of enhanced marketing and customer support, and an accelerator for direct-to-consumer initiatives.

Registria has been at the forefront of the transformation of product registration. We continue to work with our clients to help them forge lasting relationships with their product owners. In this regard, we are excited to share our new Owner Verify solution. This product runs quietly behind the scenes during the onboarding experience and delivers the clean and consistent data that brands need to personalize the ownership experience.

Owner Verify leverages artificial intelligence during the onboarding process to capture owner data that is accurate, verified, and prioritized. It starts with Photoregister's popular mobile or desktop optimized onboarding experience. As the customer inputs personal information to register a product, Owner Verify takes a live look at the data and applies proprietary algorithms to authenticate the registration.

Owner Verify Features

Real Phone Number: The interactive, SMS-based nature of Photoregister requires owners to use a real mobile number in order to complete their registration.

Verified Email Address: Owner Verify uses live email verification to catch typos as they happen and flag any invalid emails, giving marketers confidence in their data for ongoing email communications with their product owners.

Physical Address Verification: As new product owners type in their address, Owner Verify uses auto-lookup to provide the correct format and keep address data consistent.

Fraud Detection: Owner Verify applies advanced fraud protection to detect the authenticity of each registration. A fraud detection score is applied based on interactions with your registration form, allowing us to flag suspicious registrations.

Owner Verify delivers clean and consistent data that you can rely on for opt-in email or SMS marketing, direct mail, customer support, and ongoing direct communication with your product owners. When combined with the product specific information collected during registration, you have all the data you need to personalize the ownership experience.