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In our latest trend report, we validate the increasing desire of product owners to engage with the brands they own immediately after purchase. This trend defines the title of this year’s report: The Rise of the Engaged Owner.

Registria is in a unique position to bring you insights based on the analysis of thousands of data points from millions of product registration moments and ownership experience events. The analyses reveals that brands making strategic investments in creating memorable post-sale ownership experiences, starting with the onboarding experience, are the ones that are driving stronger owner engagement and loyalty.

Registria Founder

Chris McDonald

“We’re really excited to share data that’s not only centered around the onboarding experience but also around the value that brands are seeing when they offer a great experience.”

“Whether it’s offering additional products or services that go along with a product, making it easier to use the product or care for it in the long term, consumers are really embracing this moment as a trust-building event.”

Key Takeaways

  • 1. Product registration, as an onboarding experience, continues to grow across paper, web and mobile – with mobile via Photoregister℠ representing over one-third of all registrations.
  • 2. Brands adopting digital and mobile registration methods are unlocking new revenue channels at the point of registration when they apply strategic sales tactics around extended service plans, parts and accessory offers.
  • 3. Brands investing in digital onboarding experiences see 50% of product owners register within seven days or less from purchase date.
  • 4. Five out of ten people who register via mobile methods are registering a product for the first time.
  • 5. Millennials register 20% faster than other generations when given digital registration methods and skew much higher towards digital channels.


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