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Connecting Brands with Customers to Improve Product Safety Communication

Last week I attended my first Annual Meeting for ICPHSO (International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization). Celebrating its 25th year, the organization brings together product safety proponents from around the world to exchange ideas and learn from each other, which was apparent at the event in Orlando. Everyone I met was welcoming and one could feel the shared passion around the common goal of the well-being of customers and product safety.


It was refreshing to see such openness regarding thinking about what’s best for consumers, part of which is meeting customer expectations to best “serve” them. As such, technology isn’t perceived as a “must do” or an obligation, but rather an opportunity; many folks want to fully understand where technology can make the lives of consumers better, as well as what they need to consider for adoption as it relates to compliance.

I was honored to participate in a breakout session on how technology can improve the product recall process.  I emphasized three key points:

  1. Technology can help break down barriers to create a win-win relationship between product buyers and manufacturers—an idea that was underscored across several other breakouts for good reason. It’s no secret that we all live connected, mobile lives and, as a result, 50% of internet traffic is driven from mobile devices.
  2. During a product buyer's “on-boarding” moment, technology creates an efficient and effective way for brands to connect with their customers. For example, when a consumer opens a product after receiving it in the mail or buying it at the store, they are more likely to have their mobile phone alongside them than any other device. Therein lies the opportunity. If brands provide consumers the option to register their products via mobile or voice, more customers complete the registration process. Our data shows product registration rates multiply 3-5X.
  3. Why is this important for the attendees of ICPHSO? When more product buyers complete the on-boarding process, the organization captures more information and can better connect with and inform their customers should a recall or other product safety concern arise. The doors are open to exchange important safety information via text, email and other channels.

I look forward to next year’s annual gathering. Within a year, we’ll see the explosion of voice-enabled platforms. Connected devices and technology will continue to create opportunities for ICPHSO members to better connect with their consumers.