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Enhancing the Ownership Experience with Mobile

As brands, it’s imperative to connect with customers where they are. Given the steadily increasing number of people using mobile devices around the world, mobile presents a tremendous opportunity to connect with customers, especially through the practice of using QR codes for Product Registration.


Research from Deloitte found that the average mobile phone user looks at their device 47 times per day, with 89 percent checking their phones within an hour of waking up, and 81 percent looking at their phones within an hour of going to sleep. In 2017, mobile users around the world spent, on average, 69 percent of their media time on smartphones, according to comScore.

How can product brands take advantage of the ubiquitous mobile channel to engage customers? It starts with connecting with customers at the right moment to begin a mobile conversation: the on-boarding moment.

When a customer first brings a new product home,
there’s a fleeting window of time to connect with them while the product is top of mind and they are excited about it. For product brands, this moment is a GOLDEN opportunity to engage the customer – and yet it’s often missed.

Brands can capitalize on this opportunity by viewing product registration in a new light and using the consumer’s ever-present mobile device to begin a dialogue and provide an opportunity for customers to opt-in to future communications.

Our new whitepaper, “Enhancing the Ownership Experience with Mobile", explains how brands can engage customers via mobile product registration, and why this on-boarding moment is the perfect time for mobile’s strengths to come into play.

You will also learn why the best method to use for on-boarding is a unique code format, PhotoregisterSM, that improves the customer experience and offers greater value to both customers and brands.

For product brands that want to know how best to use mobile to connect with customers, capture customer information and engage with customers throughout the ownership journey, this white paper is a must-read.