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Exceptional ownership experiences begin with top quality data and insights.

Get great customer insights, faster. More specific customer feedback, deeper engagement, and precision targeting equips your brand with the deep knowledge you need for true insights into who your customers are, their intent, and what they really want.



Prompt new and returning product owners to answer a few survey questions at the moment they register their product, and at any point during their product ownership journey.

80%+ response rate (high in comparison to traditional surveys)

Get deeper insights on purchase preferences, interests, future intent, and more

Accessible within a convenient, user-friendly insights dashboard


Smart Dashboards

Higher engagement and response rates bring in more high-value data at scale, and it’s all displayed in a eye-catching, easy to understand dashboard.

Optimize both in-market and future campaigns using more accurate first-party data

See all your insights organized visually and intuitively in your dashboard

Get insights into owner characteristics, purchasing behavior, and sales channel and dealer performance


Data Integration via API

Managing data and insights has never been easier…or more powerful.

API compatible software guarantees seamless data delivery

Fits right into your existing tech stack — CRM, DMP, CDP, ERP and more

Use first-party data to optimize marketing campaigns, customer support, e-commerce leads, and more

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Benefits of first-party data

Clients around the globe choose Registria’s solutions to capture more high quality, first-party data. Empower your brand to make a bigger impact through a more in-depth understanding of the people who buy your products, current trends, what’s working, and what’s not. With these dynamic insights, you’ll deliver a new and exceptional owner experience that sets your brand apart.

With insights, you can expect to see...



Registria makes it easy for owners to register their products, shifting from a dull transactional pen-meets-paper process to a fun, engaging one with our flagship technology, PhotoregisterSM.



Capturing and curating data insights directly from product owners when they’re most engaged isn’t just fast and convenient – it’s cost effective, too.



Surveys, especially those during the Onboarding experience, generate higher engagement and excellent response rates—upwards of 80%.

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