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Registria Creates Millions in New Found Value for Consumer Durable Brands


Owner Math™, a proprietary ROI calculator based on Registria's accumulated knowledge of best practices and benchmark data, helps brands quantify return on post-purchase experiences.

Denver – (Nov. 5, 2018) – Registria, a leader in providing post-purchase ownership experiences for consumer brands, announces Owner Math™ to help brands quantify the impact of investing in better engagement with people who buy their products. Based on over a decade of accumulated experience, and now from more than 300 brands as clients, Owner Math forecasts a brand's improved financial performance as well as increased owner satisfaction from applying solutions that address the ownership experience. On average, brands are achieving more than five-times return on their investment.

Working with Registria, brands of different sizes and geographic coverage, and across a wide range of industries, including ICON Health & Fitness (NordicTrack), LG, All-Clad, Sony Electronics and Whirlpool, have realized millions in revenue from Registria's ownership experience solutions. Using these solutions, brands are seeing gains beginning at the moment of registration through aftermarket sales, service plans, and direct offers at a lower operating cost and with better outcomes compared to traditional media campaigns. Registria developed Owner Math to help brands assess the quantifiable returns from these efforts, and the analysis is based on Registria's proprietary accumulated knowledge of best practices and benchmark data.

Using Registria's ownership experience solutions, such as Photoregister, which gives consumers an easy, mobile method to register the products they buy, Owner Math demonstrates the composite ROI when brands:

  1. Identify more customers: Innovative onboarding experiences, connecting brands with their new product owners as well as those currently in market.
  2. Enable more direct communications: Knowing more customers results in more direct interaction with an already engaged audience.
  3. Generate more revenue: Connect with customers at specific ownership moments that provide revenue opportunities.
  4. Operate more efficiently: Ownership experiences cost less and result in better outcomes – up to 5x ROI – than other media campaigns, which typically see 2x or less ROI.


"Now is the time for consumer companies to take advantage of a strong economy and advance their direct-to-consumer initiatives," said Collin Cohen, Managing Director of Registria. "Online marketplaces may help create high volume but come with considerable pressures on a brand's margin, and those marketplaces typically own the customer relationship rather than the brand. Our leading clients understand that market share gains will be defined by the investments they make now in existing customers and their post-purchase ownership experience."

Registria focuses on the premise that the direct-to-owner (DTO) channel can be highly effective and profitable for brands. Photoregister unlocked mobile as a means for brands to identify significantly more owners and therefore create new revenue streams.

An increasing number of brands are realizing this potential benefit. Registria recently added over 40 new clients, including Thermacell, a leading manufacturer of area mosquito repellent products.

About Registria

Registria is a leader in developing post-purchase ownership experiences for durable consumer brands. From the moment customers open their products, Registria helps brands build high value, lifelong customer relationships. Hundreds of the most recognized brands in the world use Registria's award-winning technology to onboard their customers. Registria's owner and engagement services bring greater clarity and understanding of how companies can build profitable product owner relationships and provide direction on how to engage with and provide valuable, meaningful moments to them.