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Registria Expands Decision Intelligence Capabilities to Improve Post-Purchase Interactions

Enhancements to Registria’s OXM Platform allow brands to better personalize the experiences they can offer customers throughout product ownership lifetime 

Denver, CO – Nov. 2, 2023— Registria, a product ownership experience technology company, today announced additional Decision Intelligence (DI) capabilities to its OXM Platform. These latest innovations will enable brands to provide even more highly personalized and meaningful post-purchase experiences, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and value to brands and consumers while streamlining brand operating costs. 

"Decision intelligence offers a lens which helps brands make smarter, data-driven choices,” said Collin Cohen, Chief Executive Officer of Registria. “By expanding our OXM platform with deeper Decision intelligence, we're more than enhancing product experiences — we're revolutionizing the depth and impact of every post-purchase interaction." 

Registria’s OXM Platform intelligently captures, consolidates, validates, and applies logic to first-party owner data, guiding each owner through one or multiple personalized, relevant experiences. By using real-time feedback and insights, the OXM Platform is optimized to predict and continuously improve the post-purchase experience. The OXM Platform distinguishes between new and returning patrons and applies decision intelligence to serve the most relevant journeys for the user. For example, new users are seamlessly guided through the Owner Identification journey for product registration and onboarding, while existing registered owners go directly to the Concierge experience specific to their product and its brand. Concierge is Registria’s tailored smart web-based guide, where product owners get on-demand access to what they need for their product, including product materials, personalized support, exclusive offers, and more, making engagement fast and easy through every phase of the product ownership lifecycle. 

Beyond new and returning user recognition, the OXM Platform also has the ability to identify and display additional products owned by the user, along with those products’ relevant journeys. Beyond advanced decision-making, Registria’s OXM Platform now offers tailored experiences suitable for over 65 global locales, ensuring every user feels at home regardless of their location. New post-purchase journeys have also been incorporated into Registria’s OXM Platform, including product review requests and brand app awareness notifications, helping brands maintain active engagement with their customers post-sale.  

“With every touchpoint, we aim to deepen the bond between brands and consumers, making every post-purchase interaction not just a transaction, but a positive experience,” said Cohen. 

About Registria 

Registria bridges the gap between brands and product owners at every ownership stage by transforming traditional product registration into digital onboarding experiences and guiding dynamic post-purchase interactions. With built-in decision intelligence, Registria's Ownership Experience Management (OXM) Platform provides is an extensive and rich solution that captures and consolidates owner data and enables personalized ownership journeys from onboarding to customer support, emphasizing scalability and seamless integration with other major applications. Serving over 140 leading brands across 65 locales worldwide ranging from home appliances, consumer electronics, outdoor recreation, and more, Registria empowers brands to consistently provide meaningful post-purchase interactions, enhance customer satisfaction and reinforce brand loyalty through advanced technology and data analytics. 

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