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Americans are on the Move – Here’s How Your Brand Can Reach Them


Summer is almost officially here and summertime activities are in full swing. One common summertime activity that may not quickly come to mind is moving to a new home. Yet, 60% of moves take place between May-August.1 This year should be no exception, with 56% more Americans on the move than last year2 and homeownership sales expected to rise 11% in 2021.3

For home goods brands, the summer moving boom can mean a seasonal boost to the bottom line. The average person spends more than $10,000 furnishing a new home, and many of the products purchased are registered by these new product owners.4In the ideal situation, a person who has just moved to a new residence would purchase appliances and other products they need for the home each time they move, and register these new products with the brands. Of course, this isn’t the typical situation. While personal belongings are transferred from one home to another, built-in appliances are often left behind, and the new owner isn’t likely to register these existing appliances. The upshot for brands is that they lose track of the original registered owner and don’t know who the new owner is in order to reach out and engage them.Registria’s Owner Move solution helps resolve both sides of this issue. Drawing on decades of mover data, we find opportunities to identify people who have moved into a new residence with the product already installed. By identifying homeowners who have moved into and out of a location that has a brand’s installed products, Registria helps brands get to know their new product owners and target them for additional offers.The same data can be used for brands that sell non-installed products to use as a lead source for marketing efforts and CRM. This “pre-move” strategy recognizes that moving is a significant life event and a time when consumers invest heavily on many types of products. It’s the perfect time to remind consumers to register these new products -- and offer a reason for new owners to share their information with your brand.Registria’s Owner Move solutions can be quickly deployed for brands to help them identify more owners and generate more leads. We’re already helping many brands actualize this data to their advantage. Contact us to learn more about our Owner Move solution.





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