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Registria's Photoregister wins the Direct Marketing Association's Innovation Award for Best Mobile Digital Marketing platform

The world's leading brands continue to adopt Photoregister as a highly effective way to engage the people who buy their products.

Photoregister, Registria’s SaaS solution for mobile registration, was named the 2015 Direct Marketing Association’s Innovation Award winner for the best mobile digital marketing platform. The Innovation Awards celebrate the game-changing products and services that move away from conventional thinking and step outside the box. Photoregister is a mobile customer engagement solution that enables product buyers to connect with brands by simply texting a photo

“Being honored with this DMA Innovation Award is great recognition of the transformative effect Photoregister has on the way product companies engage with their customers,” said Chris McDonald, CEO of Registria. “Most brands sell the bulk of their products through retailers, dealers, and distributors, so they don’t know who buys their product until there is a problem. Photoregister not only provides a better overall customer experience, but it also gives brands the opportunity to engage with customers directly, grow brand advocacy, and build new after-market revenue streams.”

Registria launched Photoregister earlier this year to help manufacturers of consumer electronics, appliances, technology and lifestyle products learn about and communicate with their customers through an easy, instant and accurate product registration process.

Since its launch earlier this year, more than 20 of the world’s most recognized brands, such as ICON Fitness (makers of Nordic-Track) and Whirlpool’s SWASH System have used or are in the process of implementing Photoregister.

Registria’s research found that less than 10 percent of consumers register their products because they don’t want to take the time to fill out the lengthy paper cards, meaning brands don’t hear from most of their customers unless they contact customer service with an issue.

Photoregister is an easy and instant process, customers simply take a photo of a registration code located on the product or packaging and send it via text or email. Photoregister reads the registration code, and users instantly receive verification and a link to a secure, personal registration page to confirm their information.

Brands that have implemented Photoregister identify up to 5-times more of their product buyers. In some cases, a simple one percent increase in registration can lead to a significant financial benefit from not only aftermarket revenue, but also reduced customer service cost.

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