Customer onboarding is a term that’s used frequently in today’s multiplatform marketing world, and for good reason. Because today more than ever, brands are recognizing the benefit of a strategically implemented process customers go through after first purchasing a product or service. This process, of course, is known as customer onboarding.

Research shows that brands have 48 hours to make a positive first impression and that 74% of customers expect a welcome message. At Registria, we believe customer onboarding is more than just a starting point in the ownership experience —it’s one of the most powerful, revenue-generating and strategic programs brands can implement, period. And to make the most of your customer onboarding program, it’s important to approach the process with five key points in mind.

We call these points the “high five”—five steps that ensure your customer onboarding journey is off to the most powerful start possible.

Step 1 — Give them a great reason to opt-in. If customers are going to give you their information, you need to give them a really good reason, or better yet, great reasons. Exclusive discounts, registration benefits, special offers, etc. Whatever the reason to opt-in, make it powerful and worth your customers while.

Step 2 — Simple always wins. Once you’ve made your case for sign up, make the process as easy and straightforward as possible. Too many forms, information fields and time-consuming tasks for customers to complete often discourage them from signing up to any sort of communication program to begin with, despite how great the reason. If you can make it take under a minute, or better yet, under 30 seconds, you’ll see more signups.

Step 3 — Roll out the welcome mat. An important part of the customer onboarding process is making your customers feel welcome from the beginning. You need to immediately remind them why it was worth signing up for communication in the first place. Thank them for joining with a simple welcome email. It’s more than a confirmation email, it’s the beginning of a powerful and meaningful customer-brand relationship.

Step 4 — Keep the conversation going. Imagine getting a friendly greeting after you walk into a store only to be ignored by every other employee once you’re inside. Don’t forget about the great reasons you gave your customers to sign up (or walk in, in this analogy) in the first place. Remind them of those reasons, whether that’s a special rewards program, an upcoming sale, a behind-the-scenes look at an exclusive new product or whatever unique reasons your company has to communicate with your customers.

Step 5 — Technology is your friend. Smartphones and social media have changed just about everything in today’s society, including how customers experience brands and products. When you can integrate the technology your customers use on an everyday basis into your customer onboarding program, you’re tapping into a powerful medium for beginning and prolonging the customer journey. Investing in this technology is one of the most powerful and effective decisions your brand can make in its customer onboarding program.

Registria has helped hundreds of world-class brands implement world-class customer onboarding programs that elevate their brand’s reputation, customer loyalty and bottom line. We believe that when you keep your customers’ needs and insights in mind, and use innovative solutions to help connect with them, a successful onboarding program is closer than you imagine. From innovations like Photoregister to social messaging, we offer powerful, innovative and effective solutions to activate your first (or next) customer onboarding program.