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We thrive on performance-based outcomes. And we’re always keeping our clients’ product owners top-of-mind. We create measurable value for consumer durable brands that also recognize there is a new opportunity to think about the customer as a valuable owner.

Read how – from behind the scenes – we’re helping many of the world’s best brands deliver powerful ownership experiences that result in high margin outcomes.

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Introducing Owner Math™

Marketing is transforming from a cost center into a revenue generator. Google says so, and so do we. In fact, we can prove it. We see it every day with Registria clients who are realizing an average five-time return on investment from their post-purchase campaigns....

The Rise of the Ownership Experience (OX)

Denver, CO – It’s the “age of the customer” and consumers are reshaping how business is done. Buyers are more demanding and more informed than ever. They expect immediate, personalized responses, and they expect honesty and fairness from the brands they do business...

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[On-Demand Webinar] The New Point of Sale

“Mobile is the foundation of a connected marketing strategy and marketers must embrace this reality” – Many brands struggle with how to engage their product buyers on an ongoing basis. For B2C brands that use retail channels, the challenge is even greater as the brand...

Registria Joins the OIA at the Summer Market in Denver

Denver, CO – The Outdoor Retailer Summer Market kicks off on Monday in Denver (hope to see you there!). As such, it is the perfect time to announce that Registria has joined the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA). With more than 1,200 members across all segments of...

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