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Registria Announces Smart Digital Guide

Concierge enables brands to deliver exceptional product ownership experiences for consumers around the world.

Denver, CO - March 21, 2023 - Registria, a product ownership experience company, announces Concierge, a smart digital guide that enables brands to deliver exceptional experiences to consumers for the duration they own their product. Powered by Registria’s Ownership Experience Management (OXM) platform and a proprietary, intelligent Rules Engine, Concierge enables brands to provide highly relevant journeys to their customers for a superior product, support and service experience. In return, brands realize higher customer lifetime value, satisfaction and loyalty while decreasing operational costs and improving efficiencies. 

A Smart Digital Guide that Connects Brands with Their Product Owners 

Offering hyper-personalized, timely and relevant experiences after a consumer purchases their product has been difficult and cost prohibitive for brands to achieve at scale. Concierge solves the challenge by connecting the physical product experience to a digital, high-touch branded interaction at every ownership stage – from the initial purchase to when the customer is in the market for their next product. 

“We developed Concierge with over a decade of experience helping brands identify and connect with millions more of the people who own their products,” says Andrea Gioia, VP of Product, Registria. “We’ve always been focused on meeting the needs of owners and brands alike, so we’ve designed Concierge to be intuitive, rewarding, and easy to use for customers; and for brands, offering configurable journeys based on their desired outcomes. We’re excited the intelligent OXM Platform and Concierge will provide our clients greater power to offer more personalized journeys needed to exceed customer expectations at any point during ownership.” 

Concierge is accessible from a user’s mobile device via a product identifier, such as PhotoregisterSM or a contextual QR code, on the product, product packaging or within digital resources made available to consumers. When consumers scan the code, they receive web-enabled, guided journeys from the brand based on attributes that enable personalized and contextualized interactions.   

Concierge includes a multitude of possible ownership journeys ranging from viewing product and warranty information, registering their product, special offers for accessories, access to product resources such as manuals, submitting a warranty claim, writing a review and more. The code can be scanned repeatedly during the time the customer owns the product, with the OXM Platform and Rules Engine continuously recognizing the owner, product(s) owned and previous interactions. This embedded intelligence ensures every journey is tailored to the owner for higher, repeat engagement and mutual value across the full ownership lifecycle. 

“Our partnerships with a wide range of durable goods brands have allowed us to see firsthand how the experiences a brand provides can impact its financial performance,” notes Collin Cohen, CEO, Registria. “Many of our clients have realized strong outcomes such as increasing customer lifetime value by 3x and significant reductions in printing costs and service calls by offering personalized, digital ownership journeys to their customers. The general availability of Concierge is very timely as consumers increasingly measure a brand based on their ownership experience, and as brands seek to provide better consumer experiences to further gain market share and reduce operating costs during a time of economic headwinds.” 

With Concierge, product owners receive: 

  • Personalized, contextualized experiences  
  • Immediate and more satisfying fulfillment 
  • Memorable interactions  
  • Ongoing value direct from the brand 

While brands realize:  

  • More customers identified 
  • Higher customer engagement & loyalty
  • Increased Customer LTV
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased operating efficiencies 

To find out more about Concierge, click here.  

About Registria 

We believe product ownership experiences should be exceptional. Registria enables brands to capitalize on the power of data and intelligent technology to deliver personalized, relevant journeys to each owner across the full product ownership lifecycle - giving owners the information, care and support they desire while brands achieve profitable, loyal customer relationships, often at lower cost and better efficiency. Over 140 well-known brands trust Registria’s Ownership Experience Management (OXM) Platform and expertise to deliver product ownership experiences to their consumers around the world.   

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