Unlock the potential in ownership experiences

We empower brands to build direct customer relationships for a sustainable advantage.

There is opportunity in every owner’s experience

Registria works with durable brands around the world. We started by revolutionizing dated product registration methods with Photoregister℠, a mobile-led technology designed to more effectively identify and engage millions of customers, used today by 300+ brands.

We didn’t stop at a better registration experience.

Our platform, expert analytics, and engagement programs enable brands to deliver a rewarding experience to every product owner – from the moment they buy their product to the moment they are in the market for their next product.

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We partner with brands around the world

Our platform, expert analytics, and engagement programs enable brands to deliver a rewarding experience to every product owner – from the moment they buy their product to the moment they are in the market for their next product.

Tackle challenges with confidence

Identify owners, even if they do not register

Build direct, multi-channel consumer relationships

Create stronger brand loyalty and higher product reviews

Optimize service plan and care programs


We understand the balance of putting customers at the center of what you do

Success in the digital world means focusing not only on technology but on the individual and key ownership moments.
Frictionless experiences – personalized at scale – deliver value for your owners and your brand.

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Registria has helped us identify thousands of customers to bring the best ownership experience to iFit owners.

Together, we’ve built an established and profitable post-purchase sales channel that has been key to the growth of our business.

Nick Palmer, Director, iFit

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Bring great ownership experiences to life

Our industry leading platform, rich dataset and deep expertise help your brand achieve more. Here’s how.

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Deliver experiences around the globe

Registria’s platform empowers brands to identify more people who own their products and engage those owners when they are most receptive throughout their ownership lifecycle.

  • Global product registration methods including consumers’ preferred method, Photoregister℠
  • Precision Commerce℠ capabilities to sell more direct
  • Managed Care & Service Programs to drive protection plan revenue
  • Multichannel owner engagement and support capabilities over web, email and SMS/MMS
  • Digital owner destinations such as branded portals and the Register App
  • Made available as a standalone platform or integrated into a brand’s tech stack


Leverage owner data for greater outcomes

Great brands differentiate themselves by better understanding the people who own and want to purchase their products. Our dataset of buyers – across industries and hundreds of brands – provides a unique avenue to help brands gain insights and build targeted and actionable audiences.

  • Insights into owner characteristics, purchasing behavior and brand preference
  • Performance benchmarks across the full ownership lifecycle
  • Actionable audience development for acquisition and retention programs
  • Unique survey capabilities to formulate higher confidence and actionable strategies
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Discover a partner in your success

Our team measures itself on successful client outcomes and continuous innovation. We are a mix of experts motivated to deliver programs customers love and brands trust.

  • Ownership experience assessments and contributions to strategies
  • Complete Care program development and management
  • Aftermarket campaigns via email, web, mobile, social and direct mail
  • Channel and offer optimization services

Solving challenges for durable goods brands

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  • Identify owners, even if they did not register 
  • Build direct consumer relationships at scale
  • Improve return on marketing investment
  • Create stronger brand loyalty and satisfaction
  • Optimize service plan and care programs
  • Reduce cost of support, improve the experience

Partner to the world’s best brands

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