We transformed owner onboarding…

Registria has offered product registration and related services since the days when it was only via paper cards. In 2015, with the launch of our innovative Photoregister℠ technology, customer onboarding became simpler and extraordinarily faster, which has led to dramatic increases in the number and quality of registrations. We’ve expanded to voice-enabled devices, chat and messaging apps, giving owners even more choices.

…which has created more valuable, engaging and lasting ownership experiences

Today we are behind the scenes for the world’s best brands, creating long-term value for them and the people who own their products. Our full ownership experience capabilities, from onboarding through the subsequent interactions, help brands “turn a moment into a lifetime.”

The Registria Leadership Team

Our experts in technology, data, and services come together to best serve our clients to drive exceptional ownership experiences. We’re dedicated to being a partner to the global brands we work with where performance and the product owner is always at the forefront.

Join Our Team

Registria is growing and we want you on board for the experience (no pun intended!). Take the next step in your career at a company where every employee has a crucial impact on both our clients’ success and our own.

At Registria, collaboration and smarts are the norm. We also celebrate and laugh together along the way. If you’re ready to be part of something unique, rewarding and on the latest wave of innovation, we’re very interested in knowing more about you.

Registria Denver, United States of America Sep, 06
Registria Denver, United States of America Sep, 06
Registria Team
Registria Team at a School
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Team at Denver Rescue Mission