I admit it. When the Direct Marketing Association named Registria a finalist for their presitgious Innovation Award, I was surprised.

While I knew our connected device strategy for product companies was delivering 90+% registration rates for the buyers of their products, I didn’t think the market had heard or fully understood what Registria has been up to – making omni-channel registration a differentiator for brands, and the lead domino in creating a rich ownership experience.

So when I heard “registration” and “innovation” in the same sentence, it was a milestone moment – the market understands product registration has moved beyond paper mail-in cards – Yes!

I also admit to checking the DMA’s website to review the credentials of the Judges and found them to be a highly distinguished group – Yes and Yes!

In a nutshell, our connected device registration solutions enable products that connect to the internet, or Bluetooth for example, to auto-register with the brands when activated for the first time. Product companies are able to get accurate and instant information from their buyers, offering these new customers an easy and rich ownership experience that creates greater satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

Recent trends in smart home connectivity have resulted in wired and Wi-Fi enabled electronics, HVAC, appliances and other home automation products to bring comfort and ease of use to families around the world. In addition, SOHO and SMB networking and “Pro-sumer” devices that auto-register, deliver additional benefits in user experience when delivered from the Cloud. Brands are able to extend the touch points for their products beyond the products themselves and cost effectively offer new service and support features with Registria.

By tapping into our technology, brands have been able to consistently increase registration rates up to 5x. Early ownership engagement is dramatically improving CSAT scores, ratings and reviews. Service leaders have seen double digit growth in extended support and service plan sales and cross-sell programs while improving entitlement verification and reducing support costs simultaneously.

Connecting brands to the people who buy them is our mission. We couldn’t be happier to be named a DMA Innovation Awards Finalist for helping our customers get to know more and more of their buyers in highly scalable ways.

The DMA will announce the winners selected from the set of finalists in early September. Learn more here.