Owner Onboarding

Turn product registration into an event

We’ve innovated the product registration experience to significantly improve outcomes. The Registria platform gives product owners the choice of how they want to register. Keeping it intuitive and easy gives the best first impression.

Brands discover more known buyers and open the doors for the many continuous ownership moments to come.

Invite The Owner To Connect

Product | Packaging | Product Materials

Across Any Channel

Text | Chat Bots | Web | IoT | Voice

Through Their Preferred Method

Text | Web | FB Messenger | LINE

Our award-winning Photoregister℠ solution has transformed product registration and has quickly become the preferred choice of consumers. Cutting-edge image recognition technology allows product buyers to simply snap a photo of our proprietary icon and register their product on the device and channel they use most – their mobile phone.

  • Reaches 100% of mobile audiences; no apps or downloads required
  • Identifies user by mobile number or message application address
  • Taps existing consumer behaviors
  • Uses location services
  • Prefills product information, mobile #, and city/zip
  • Replaces other registration methods to improve the identification of more product owners
  • Easily applied to products and product materials

Offer intuitive, easy web registration to improve every owner’s experience and capture more known owners.

Our optimized UI/UX flows improve completion rates and streamlines the capture and processing of owner data, enabling brands to do more – faster.

  • Tested and continuously optimized for the best user experience
  • Easily integrated into your current website pages
  • Quick set-up via APIs

Voice-enabled devices are in homes everywhere. We help brands tap into their product owners’ to desire to use their device to easily register any new products using only their voice. Frictionless experiences increase the number of owners who register while improving their first impressions of brands.

  • Skill-enabled activation for any product type
  • Optimized experience flow based on voice processes
  • Same quality data capture as other registration methods

Owner Engagement

We help brands be direct

Paramount to exceptional ownership experiences is the ongoing communications between the brand and the product owner. Our services, based on deep strategic and technical knowledge, include developing strategies based on your objectives – big or small. Then we help you deliver personalized digital and mobile marketing campaigns using owner data collected through initial registration, and paired with robust analytics to optimize performance.


  • A team of experts to create and deliver high-performing ownership experiences
  • Strategic digital campaign creation using leading technology solutions
  • Ongoing recommendations paired with actionable owner analytics

Owner Insights

Know more about your owners

Over our history, Registria has amalgamated a rich set of data points and first-hand knowledge regarding consumer registration, preferences and purchasing behavior. We know what works and what doesn’t and we take that empirical knowledge to help your brand achieve more.

We give brands powerful yet granular analytics to better understand:

  • Your owners’ behavior and preferences
  • How to optimize offers to grow more revenue
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) to inform company-wide strategies
  • How to predict who else may be interested in purchasing your products
  • How to find more of the individuals who purchased your product but didn’t register