Registria at CES 2020

CES 2020: A New Decade For Brands and Their Customers

We like to approach CES Week as a unique opportunity to connect with our client brands and prospective clients that all converge in one place for a shared purpose. This year, we’re focusing on the pivot of brands to a service-based model, our new app and are getting back to some of the basic principals that have served our clients well and continue to prove true during the onboarding experience. 


Webinar: Five Ways to Capture Deeper Value in the Ownership Experience

You’re invited to an informative webinar exploring five use cases on how you can take action ahead of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) deadline this January and capture more value from your ownership experience well into 2020.
We’ll share new ideas on how to do more with owner data and how the onboarding experience creates opportunity to connect with your product owners in innovative ways.


Digital Town Hall: The Positive Impact of CCPA on Ownership Experience

With the January 2020 deadline for compliance with the CCPA fast approaching, companies that serve California residents need to know how the act will affect their business. Join us for a discussion on how brands are planning for compliance while maintaining the ownership experience.

Version 7! Owner Onboarding
Product Releases

Version 7! Owner Onboarding

Version 7! Owner Onboarding The Version train keeps on chugging. Version 7 of our Standard Owner...

Dynamic Surveys from Product Registration
Product Releases

Version 6! Owner Onboarding

Wow! Another version already. It’s True! Version 6 of our Standard Owner Onboarding flow is...


2020 Revenue Planning: Three Reasons to Prioritize Your Ownership Experience

Investing in the ownership experience is not a short-term line item to be added to a long list of marketing technology enablers. It is a long-term investment strategy into your most valuable asset – the people who own your products and who have the most potential for continued loyalty and high margin revenue.

Registria is a proud sponsor of the 2019 Chief Housewares Executive SuperSession (CHESS)

Chief Housewares Executive SuperSession

Registria is a sponsor of this year’s CHESS event and we are proud of our partnership with many of the leading home appliance and housewares brands. We would love to connect at CHESS to discuss how we can support your direct-to-consumer (DTC), digital transformation and ownership experience objectives.