Product Registration

Product Registration Best Practices

Market-leading brands are setting themselves apart because they know product registration is a linchpin for their business. We make it easy to make the best use of your revenue and build on your existing customer relationships after a sale has been made.

Continue Your Customer’s Journey

The ownership experience that your brand delivers to your customers is one of the leading factors in brand loyalty and overall lifetime customer satisfaction. Our registration services starts an ownership experience for your customers across communication methods of their choosing. It’s the easiest way for your brand to start and maintain relationships with customers. The first impression is the most important impression, so make sure you get it right with Registria. Plus our analytics help you gain a better understanding of your customers and increase brand loyalty and recognition — this way your brand can service each one of your product owners on an individualized experience approach.

Simplify Product Registration

Your customer has already decided to purchase a product like yours, and after careful research has selected your brand as the best. It only makes sense that a meaningful interaction with your customer should begin the moment they open the product packaging. Product registration should be a fun part of new product ownership. When done correctly, it serves as a permanent point of contact with your customer.

Registria’s simple product registration solution offers the ease of digital imaging on the buyer’s mobile device. Customers spend less time trying to register the product and/or the warranty, and more time enjoying their new purchase. With this easy registration process, your brand will successfully engage your buyer from the beginning. In turn, your buyer will appreciate the simple and straightforward process, and registration will become an event the consumer wants to experience!

Product Registration is the Best First Contact

When product registration is simple, your customers are more likely to engage with your brand post-purchase. Registria’s seamless product registration technology is unlike anything on the market because it interacts with buyers on their terms at times that are convenient for them. This intuitive process keeps it simple and offers the best first impression. The result? Brands discover 3-5x more buyers and keep the lines of communication open. Having a clear understanding of your actual customers opens the door to future communications that are relevant to their needs. Registria helps you understand real-time analytics and track demographic information about your customers so that you can maintain an ongoing relationship with them.


Elevate the Ownership Experience

The ownership experience is becoming a critical factor in the success of durable products. Ownership experiences need to continue throughout the lifetime of the product. When initiated correctly, product registration can ignite brand recognition and encourage consumer loyalty. Your first engagement with your customer can set the tone for the entire experience and develop the owner’s excitement. Once registration is complete, using our innovative Photoregister software, your customer can begin interacting with you immediately. We help you capitalize on vital information and data, and engage with your customer in meaningful ways, keeping the excitement and loyalty strong.

By elevating the ownership experience, your brand is likely to generate additional revenue from accessories, service plans, and additional purchases. Open lines of communication help you keep your customers informed about service campaigns, product knowledge, and potential upgrades to their existing products. These moments help create a fulfilling ownership experience that keeps your customer engaged over the lifetime of the product.

Increase Owner Satisfaction

When you distinguish your brand and ownership experience from the rest of the marketplace, you improve overall customer satisfaction by building and maintaining long-term relationships across all channels. Owner satisfaction is a key component in overall brand loyalty. This doesn’t stop with the purchase of a product; it continues throughout the entire ownership experience, and aftermarket registration is the first step.

Knowing who your customer is means that you have the ability to engage them with proactive product notifications. Registria’s software enables notifications across a variety of smart device applications. The use cases are limitless and include product upgrades, service plan sales, warranty extensions, and parts and accessories. It can be challenging for brands to effectively reach buyers if a product has a defective part, requires some type of service, or has been recalled. By using Registria, you’ll be able to communicate with your owners in simple and cost-effective ways on the platform of their choosing to keep your customers up to date on all the latest product information.


Improve Upsell, Cross-Sell, and Service Plan Sales

Owner satisfaction is a key component in overall brand loyalty. This doesn’t start or stop with the purchasing of a product. It continues throughout the entire ownership experience, and after-market registration is the first step. Our innovative revolutionary approach, based on extensive strategic and technical knowledge, can help benefit any sized company to deliver personalized marketing campaigns developed through owner data that’s collected during initial product registration.

High-performing ownership experiences are created and merged with strategic digital campaigns to encourage customer satisfaction, uses leading technology solutions, and can give your customers ongoing recommendations to continue their relationship with your products, brand, and company.

Take Your After Market Experience to the Next Level


Systematize Warranty Management

A warranty means that you stand behind your products. Many customers base their buying decisions on the strength of the product warranty. However, managing your warranty business should not be a burden for your team. You can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all warranty processes by simplifying and automating product registrations, service plans, and service campaigns. Plus, when you increase registration and plan attach rate, you’re able to maximize customer lifetime value. Actionable insights from registration help you detect and correct product defects more proactively, making your customers happier over the long run. Registria helps you reduce warranty costs by optimizing warranty offers and improving service operations. Our clients increase customer retention and grow service plan sales by delivering a better value and a differentiated customer experience.

Boost Customer Retention and Brand Loyalty

Registria takes the guesswork out of connecting with your product owners and makes product registration simple. After your customer registers a new product, you should be doing everything you can to keep them happy and create customers for life. The post-purchase customer journey should enable you to optimize offers to grow aftermarket revenue and increase customer retention and brand loyalty.

Registria’s years of experience have culled exclusive data that produces real insight. Data related to customer registration, owner preferences, and purchasing behavior all help you understand what works and what doesn’t. Your owners’ behavior provides a wealth of knowledge, and we know how to translate these analytics into actionable results. You’ll also get insight into other customer segments that might be interested in purchasing your products. Key performance indicators will help you inform overall marketing strategy, reach new audiences, and measure the impact of elevating the ownership experience.


Connect Better

Marketers for consumer product brands have often struggled to engage their customers post-sale, while also driving value to both their product owners and their shareholders. As a market leader in providing product registration and ownership experience solutions, Registria understands how to help product marketers engage with their product owners. Every day, our clients see an average five-time return on investment from their ownership experience campaigns.

For many product brands, the challenging part is finding more owners. When you have a simple product registration system in place, it’s easy to identify the owners of your products. Uncover the secrets we’ve learned to drive high-margin revenues into your business. We are the leading product ownership experience firm in the United States. Leveraging the registration process gives you more opportunity to have direct communication with your product owners over any platform of their choosing – email, text, or social channels. Satisfied product owners are more likely to repurchase your brand and to encourage others to explore your line of products.


Product registration is key to the ownership experience throughout the customer journey. After-market product registration is key to cross sell customers into other plans and products throughout your product lineup. Customer registration management can be easy and rewarding for your customers. If done properly customer registration practices will increase owner satisfaction and strengthen your business.

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