Ownership Experiences

What is an Ownership Experience?

An ownership experience begins the moment a customer purchases a product and continues through the lifetime of ownership. Registria integrates the brand into that experience, personalizing timely interactions that engage the owner with the brand, and beyond the product. From product notifications to service recommendations to subsequent offers, the brand leverages moments that engender owner satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. All that brings sustainable value to the owner and to the brand.

The Onboarding Moment

Master the first moment

That very first interaction, the onboarding moment, is when you can start engaging and tap into an owner’s excitement. We’ve made it easy, intuitive and fast for your product owners to simply snap a Photoregister℠ icon, go online or use voice-activation to register their product.

Brands realize significantly more registrations. We then help you activate this information to help you engage the owner in a personalized way for the many moments to come.

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Service Plan Sales

Sell more when the moment is right

When an owner purchases their product they often want to buy a warranty or service plan directly from the manufacturer. What better time to offer owners a service plan for their purchase than during the onboarding event when the owner is engaged.

By offering service plan sales during onboarding or shortly thereafter, brands have increased service plans sales in just months.

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Direct and Partner Offers

A captive audience for new, direct revenue streams

To take full advantage of the onboarding moment, brands can treat it as a new point-of-sale and include related merchandise, accessories or exclusive partner offers to increase the value of each product owner – generating newfound, high-margin revenue streams for your company.

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Ratings and Reviews

Discover the best moment to influence advocacy

Generating reviews can be tough yet great product reviews are critical to selling more. Asking new product owners for a review after they have registered their product is not only more convenient for owners, but they are also more willing to do so – especially after a great onboarding experience.

The amount and quality of your Ratings and Reviews can improve significantly.

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Cross-Sell and Up-Sell

And open the door to offer more

Take advantage of aftermarket moments. Owners are more likely to respond to your cross-sell and up-sell efforts if you show them relevant offers during their ownership experience – weeks, months or even years after they registered their product.

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Service moments based on the owner, not the agent

After an owner registers their product, you want them to be happy. Great service moments are key to creating an ownership experience that keeps buyers engaged over a lifetime and, when done right, your brand can service each owner as a unique individual based on the products they own.

Your Service teams will improve call center interactions, reduce call times and improve net-promoter scores.

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Product Notifications

Be proactive and remove barriers

Delight owners with proactive product notifications. Our solutions enable notifications across IoT and smart device applications and the use cases are endless. Owners are informed and brands reap the benefits of engagement and improve advocacy.

It’s also difficult for brands to be proactive in communicating with their product owners when a product has a defective part, needs servicing, or has been recalled. Registria helps you communicate with owners in an easy and cost-effective way, via email or SMS text, allowing you to keep owners updated with any issues with their products – for regulated and non-regulated products alike.

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