Owner MathTM is the true expression of the shared
value between brands and their product owners.

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Owner Math helps brands quantify the impact of investing in the Direct-to-Owner channel

know more owners

Identify more of the people who have purchased your products through innovative onboarding experiences. Photoregister℠ has unlocked mobile as a means for brands to identify 3-5x more owners.

More Direct Communications

When you know more product owners, you have more opportunities to communicate directly with every owner – and at scale – to build valuable lifelong relationships with them.

Generate High-Margin Revenue

Take advantage of lifelong ownership moments to open up a new point-of-sale and significantly increase direct revenue from aftermarket sales, service plan and other direct offers. You’ll also improve indirect value such as an increase in the quantity and quality of Ratings & Reviews.

Operate More Efficiently

Direct relationships through digital channels generate better outcomes at a lower cost compared to other media. In comparison to the owner’s first purchase, all subsequent purchases drive far greater margin for your brand.

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Join Registria, Groupe SEB and ICON Health & Fitness for an executive discussion style webinar exploring the strategies and solutions that are most effective in driving shared value to and from your product owners.

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