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Provide Your New Product Owners an Exceptional Onboarding Experience

Registria can help you quickly connect with new customers to provide a best-in-class onboarding and first product use experience. Below are just a few examples of how you can sell more and increase customer satisfaction.

Offer Multiple Ways to Connect

Providing many entry points for product owners to engage increases likelihood of a successful registration. Geographical regions and user preference can also drive entry and channel methods. Registria can help your brand set up multiple channels including:

  • SMS
  • Web
  • Messaging Apps (Ex. WhatsApp, Line)
  • Email

Make Registration Easy

We are product registration experts and have helped brands reduce friction that causes product owners to abandon registration. We have helped over 300 brands seamlessly implement these best practices:

  • Forms are configurable and responsive
  • Product information auto-populates when owner uses product identifier code to enter OX
  • Phone number is pre-populated via SMS/MMS channels
  • Data hygiene processes ensure data is clean and actionable
  • Modal opt-in optimization feature dramatically increases opt-in rates

Increase Post-Purchase Revenue

Help your new customers get the most of their new products by providing targeted and relevant offers after registration is completed. This also helps turn product registration into an additional sales channel for your brand.

Onboarding is just the beginning.

Onboarding is only the beginning to providing exceptional ownership experiences. Registria’s technology, expert services and engagement programs help brands deliver a rewarding experience to every product owner – from the moment they buy their product to the moment they are in the market for their next product.

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