2020 Revenue Planning: Three Reasons to Prioritize Your Ownership Experience

Investing in the ownership experience is not a short-term line item to be added to a long list of marketing technology enablers. It is a long-term investment strategy into your most valuable asset – the people who own your products and who have the most potential for continued loyalty and high margin revenue.

Registria is a proud sponsor of the 2019 Chief Housewares Executive SuperSession (CHESS)

Chief Housewares Executive SuperSession

Registria is a sponsor of this year’s CHESS event and we are proud of our partnership with many of the leading home appliance and housewares brands. We would love to connect at CHESS to discuss how we can support your direct-to-consumer (DTC), digital transformation and ownership experience objectives.


Extended Warranty and Service Contract Innovations

Registria is the Educational Underwriter of this year’s event and our team will be sharing new ideas and insights over the 3-day program. Here’s what you can expect from us and we would love to meet you at the conference!

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Ownership Experience Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Registria’s ownership experience solutions allow consumer durable product manufacturers to connect with and identify their product buyers during the moment the owner first unboxes the product. Photoregister℠ allows consumers to register their product by simply texting a photo. It is the preferred method of product registration when offered during the owner onboarding experience.

Product Releases

New Release: Version 4

Exciting news, once again, from Registria. We have released a new version of the Registria...


Prime Day’s Hidden Opportunity

Amazon Prime Day and the holiday shopping season offer significant opportunities for brands, both in terms of sales and the ability to get to know more customers. Registria’s VP of Marketing, Heather Wilkerson, examines the opportunity that Prime Day presents brand’s ability to connect with a large number of product owners.


Introducing Text-to-Connect for Owner Onboarding

Text-to-Connect is another way that brands can connect with customers and begin to lay the foundation not only for a sale but also for a long-lasting relationship. It is ideal if you display products in showrooms, sell products through trade shows, or if you want to help people make better product decisions in retail stores.


Unwrapping the 2019 Trend Report

The report sheds light on why it is imperative for consumer durable brands to create direct relationships with their customers. Engaged product owners respond well toward direct and relevant communication as part of an exceptional ownership experience. They share more positive reviews and give higher ratings. And they are more receptive to offers – such as service plan sales and accessories – that are made during the onboarding experience.

Product Releases

New Release: Version 2.2

We have released a new version of the Registria Standard Template. In version 2.2:...

Product Releases


  Here at Registria we are constantly thinking of how to connect brands to consumers in order to...