Prime Day’s Hidden Opportunity

Amazon Prime Day and the holiday shopping season offer significant opportunities for brands, both in terms of sales and the ability to get to know more customers. Registria’s VP of Marketing, Heather Wilkerson, examines the opportunity that Prime Day presents brand’s ability to connect with a large number of product owners.


Introducing Text-to-Connect for Owner Onboarding

Text-to-Connect is another way that brands can connect with customers and begin to lay the foundation not only for a sale but also for a long-lasting relationship. It is ideal if you display products in showrooms, sell products through trade shows, or if you want to help people make better product decisions in retail stores.


Unwrapping the 2019 Trend Report

The report sheds light on why it is imperative for consumer durable brands to create direct relationships with their customers. Engaged product owners respond well toward direct and relevant communication as part of an exceptional ownership experience. They share more positive reviews and give higher ratings. And they are more receptive to offers – such as service plan sales and accessories – that are made during the onboarding experience.

Product Releases

New Release: Version 2.2

We have released a new version of the Registria Standard Template. In version 2.2:...

Product Releases


  Here at Registria we are constantly thinking of how to connect brands to consumers in order to...

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Ownership Experience Solutions

Registria’s ownership experience solutions allow consumer durable product manufacturers to connect with and identify their product buyers during the moment the owner first unboxes the product. Photoregister℠ allows consumers to register their product by simply texting a photo. It is the preferred method of product registration when offered during the owner onboarding experience.



In our latest trend report, we validate the increasing desire of product owners to engage with the brands they own immediately after purchase. This trend defines the title of this year’s report: The Rise of the Engaged Owner.

Registria is in a unique position to bring you insights based on the analysis of thousands of data points from millions of product registration moments and ownership experience events. The analyses reveals that brands making strategic investments in creating memorable post-sale ownership experiences, starting with the onboarding experience, are the ones that are driving stronger owner engagement and loyalty.


Webinar: Stepping Beyond Product Registration

Join Registria’s EVP of Client Success, Matt Parsons, and CEO, Chris McDonald, for an informative webinar focusing on actionable insights to the 2019 Trend Report: The Rise of the Engaged Owner.


The Importance of First Party Data From Product Registrations

For product brands, one of the foremost methods to acquire first-party data is via product registration. Although the data varies depending on the questions asked during registration, in general registration data includes customer, product, vendor, and purchase specific data, as well as a way to contact the customer directly.

Product registration forms should contain only the most important product information and customer information.

101 Essential Questions to Ask On Your Product Registration Form

Product registration is the first step to getting to know your customers. The information provided during registration can help you better serve your product owners by providing product information, support, accessories, and relevant and timely future offers.

A great customer experience is one of the product registration best practices.

Customer Experience and Technology Driving CMO Investments

Today’s CMOs are largely responsible for the customer experience, as well as leveraging the right technology to provide exceptional CX. In this blog post, we’ll explore four key areas of Gartner’s CMO Spend Survey: Innovation, Technology, Customer Experience and Personalization.