Partnership Objective

Replace the current product registration program for BCIA members with a modern solution that provides more value to member brands.

Why is it important for BCIA members?

  • Provides an enhanced service that enables all BCIA members to use the BCIA – Registria service rather than pursuing alternatives
  • Improves the processing and delivery of registration data to members through an easy-to-use web portal
  • Offers additional registration methods (e.g. mobile) and other services to increase volume of product registrations and increase data quality while improving the registration experience for customers
  • A modern registration solution with preferred pricing for BCIA members

Who do I contact to get more information?

If you have any questions specific for the BCIA, please contact Linnea Catalan at director@babycarrierindustryalliance.org

If you have any questions regarding the transition to Registria or specific questions for Registria, please contact: BCIA@registria.com

Watch the Partnership Overview Webinar

BCIA & Registria Kick Off Webinar

Partnership Overview Documentation

BCIA & Registria Overview Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Registria?

Registria is the leader in the product ownership experience and customer engagement and works with brands across the globe. Their award-winning solutions modernize product registration for the Juvenile industry, complying with CPSC standards.

Why did BCIA make the change?

BCIA chose to partner with Registria given Registria’s expertise in product registration and their technology solutions which provide product buyers a better registration experience, and BCIA members a better service at great value.

Which registration processes are included?

Registria will assume all management of the required paper PRS card registration process.  All printed cards will be forwarded to Registria for keying of data and all processes, data management and delivery meet BCIA standards.

After BCIA member’s paper processes have been transitioned, Registria can also provide members with additional registration options, including online registration and a mobile phone registration process, called PhotoregisterSM. This would be supplemental to the paper registration processing fees, available to BCIA members at a preferred rate.

What is Photoregister? When can I use it?

Photoregister is an award-winning product registration solution. Customers simply snap a photo of the Photoregister icon and send it via text or chat to register their product on the device and channel they use most – their mobile phone.  They’re prompted to provide their personal information and in most cases the product information is automatically entered for them based on information contained within the icon, eliminating customer frustration and errors.

Brands that utilize Photoregister have experienced up to 40% registration rates, as well as better data quality. Mobile registrations also come in faster, with 44 percent of buyers registering new products in the first week of ownership.

BCIA members can consider adding online and Photoregister as an additional registration channel after their current paper process has been transitioned to Registria. If you’re interested, please email BCIA@registria.com.

What is required from me during the transition?

Our goal is to make the transition process as easy as possible for BCIA members who are currently using BCIA’s product registration services.

Working with the BCIA, all cards will be forwarded to Registria, effective April 9, 2018. for keying. Upon receipt of a member’s first forwarded cards, Registria will set-up each member with a Registria portal account. The Registria portal allows members online access to view their paper registration data in a single location. With this change, paper cards scans will no longer be provided to BCIA members going forward.

To complete account set-up, the primary contact name for each BCIA members will receive an email welcoming them to Registria and the Registria portal. The contact will simply need to re-set a password for their account and then will have full access to log-in and view their account and registration information for all cards after April 1, 2018.

How do I update my cards? Where do I access new card templates?

Registria will provide a new product registration card template for use.  This can be accessed through each member’s Registria portal account or by reaching out to support@registria.com.  In the portal, simply download the template, complete the fields required with the necessary information for your company and products and print the cards.  Registria does not supply printing services.

What happens to cards which are already printed and attached to product?

Cards that already on product and in-market, will be forwarded to Registria indefinitely. As a result of the U.S.P.S. forwarding process, it may take a few additional weeks for forwarded cards to be received by Registria and keyed.  There is no required action on your part.

Is Registria compliant with CPSC and other regulations like GDPR?

Yes, Registria is fully compliant with CPSC requirements and other data regulations such as General Data Protection Rights (GDPR).

How will I access the product registration data collected?

Registria has a customer portal which allows every BCIA member to have individual access to their data.  The primary contact name for each BCIA member will receive an email welcoming them to Registria.  This email will contain information to allow the contact to gain access the Registria portal.  The contact will simply need to re-set a password via this email process for their portal account and then will have full access to log-in and view their member information and registration database.

How soon will I begin receiving my registration data?

You will begin to receive your registration data once Registria begins to receive cards forwarded to Registria’s P.O. Box. Registrations will be processed 4 days after the receipt of the forwarded-cards and will be automatically updated with the member’s Registria portal account.

Does this only apply to within the U.S.?

This only applies to product registration cards printed and mailed within the U.S. at this time.

What is the cost?

The BCIA Members rate of $1.32 per registration fee for the processing services will be maintained. The rate is subject to change based on rate changes from the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Is there a set-up cost or cost related to the transition?

There are no set-up costs associated with thetransition of BCIA’s product registration services to Registria.

How is billing processed?

Members who sign up for the service will be invoiced quarterly in arrears based on registration volume. Invoices will be received via e-mail. Current recommended payment method is ACH (Automated Clearing House), other options are being explored and will be announced when available.

If I’m not currently using BCIA’s product registration services, can I sign up now?

Yes, if you’re interested in using BCIA’s new product registration service offered by Registria, please contact BCIA@registria.com

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

If you have any questions specific for the BCIA,please contact Linnea Catalan at director@babycarrierindustryalliance.org

If you have any questions regarding the transition to Registria or specific questions for Registria, please contact: BCIA@registria.com