Growth Playbook: Forging Direct Relationships with Your Owners

Take Swift Action: Identify, Sell and Support Your Owners


As consumer durable brands determine their priorities for 2021 and beyond, it’s clear they’re working through a completely different set of rules than they did at this point a year ago. Consumer behavior has undergone a transformational year. Traditional retail channels are changing just as fast – it’s adapt or survive for all retailers. Brands themselves are accelerating the pace at which they offer direct-to-consumer experiences. It’s now a necessity for them to build direct relationships with their buyers. Growth Playbook: Precision Commerce

Entering 2021, many brands are looking for innovative strategies to transition from a legacy retail world to an approach centered around the customer. This means being able to identify who your customers are, no matter where you acquire them. Furthermore, brands need to have tools and strategies in place to sell and support their customers throughout the ownership experience.

We’ve put together a quick playbook for brands to utilize as they plan their next 18-24 months and prioritize which strategies to pursue. The playbook will answer four questions that consumer durable brands face:

  1. How can we sell more direct without disrupting existing distribution channels?
  2. How can we increase near-term customer value?
  3. What are proven ways to improve customer loyalty?
  4. What are the capabilities we should focus our investments on in 2021?

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