With COVID-19 impacting families across the U.S., Registria has created a new giving program, Add One. Give Some.  The purpose of Add One. Give Some. is to unite like-minded companies to support the non-profit, No Kid Hungry, in their efforts to feed children and families as they face limited access to free and reduced meals through school programs.

Registria’s mission is to bring together brands and their product owners. In that spirit, the Registria employees wanted to a find a unique way to get as many people and companies involved.

Here’s how it works:

  • For every consumer that downloads the Register App and adds products to their personal inventory in the app, Registria will donate to No Kid Hungry.
    • Every 3 products added = 1 meal donated

Registria’s clients are also encouraged to support the cause by promoting the program on their social channels and directly to their customers. Clients can learn more through their Client Success Manager or by contacting info@registria.com on how they can become involved.

How consumers can help:

  • When you download and add products to the Register App, we’ll donate meals to families in need through No Kid Hungry. So go ahead and add all your household stuff to the Register App (including old and new products) and keep an up to date inventory of everything you own. Add one, give some!

add one. give some. campaign

These are indeed unprecedented times for us all. Together, our collective efforts can make a meaningful impact for families across the country. We hope you’ll join us in the effort to support No Kid Hungry.