New solution combines popularity of Photoregister℠ with QR codes to help brands identify their product owners across global markets

DENVER, CO – (February 25, 2020) – Registria, a leader in delivering ownership experiences and sales for brands, announces Photoregister+, an advanced onboarding method that allows consumers to initiate engagement and self-identify with brands easily and quickly using their mobile device. Photoregister+ leverages consumers’ strong awareness and adoption of the Photoregister camera icon with an embedded QR code to give brands more options to identify and verify who owns their product through text channels using SMS and/or MMS.

“As ubiquitous as they are, using QR codes to initiate onboarding experiences across global regions requires unique technical knowledge and delivery capabilities,” notes Dallin Moon, Sr. Product Director, Registria. “We’re confident this method, which is built on our experience with Photoregister and its strong adoption by consumers in the U.S. and Asia, gives companies another proven method in the U.S. and other markets which are predominately SMS, like Europe.”

This advanced method using QR codes, delivered and processed from Registria’s Ownership Experience (OX) platform, offers brands that operate across global regions the ease and efficiency of using SMS as an engagement channel with product owners. The technical knowledge to encode data, platform processing capabilities and UX design necessary for optimized performance beyond standard QR code use is based on Registria’s success with Photoregister, which is featured on over a billion products annually and is the preferred connection method by millions of consumers from over 40% of U.S. households since its release in 2015.

Photoregister+ can also be used for owner identification on smart devices and can be printed on a wide range of product packaging and material sizes. Performance optimization, advanced analytics and global owner support functions for brands are included with Photoregister+. With the goal of helping brands identify product owners and deliver a fulfilling ownership experience, Photoregister+ is one of many owner identification methods integrated into Registria’s OX platform, which also delivers various programs after owner identification to help brands increase the lifetime value of every product owner.

To learn more about identifying product owners with Photoregister+, please contact Heather Wilkerson,