Too much turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes couldn’t keep us from releasing 2 of the latest versions of our onboarding flow!

Registria’s Owner Onboarding is the best way for brands to make powerful first connections with consumers and it keeps getting better. We are dedicated to improving our platform based on consumer and brand feedback and so we are excited to announce the following features:

Dynamic Content

  • An onboarding experience is only as great as the value it delivers to your customers. Increase that value by providing relevant content based on the product registered.
  • Content such as Video Tutorials, Promotions, Manuals, External Links, and more can be populated for not only individual products, but also entire product categories and families.


Extended Service Plan Offers 

  • Easily offer your customers customization options to purchase a protection plan for their new product.
  • Registria enables you to present up to 4 plans giving your customers the opportunity to select the plan that best meets their needs.
  • This solution is perfect for brands that offer a traditional extended service plan as well as upgraded plans that include maintenance, cleanings, and other services.



B2B Forms

  • Are your customers businesses and not individual consumers? Don’t worry-we have a form for that!
  • All types of customers are important and we know it’s even more important to ask for the business-specific information to business customers.
  • Check it out:



Here we go! Of course, we made a few other minor enhancements and fixed a few bugs as well. If you want to take advantage of these marvelous features and provide the best consumer onboarding in the industry, please talk to your client success manager or contact us at

Carla Moody
Product Owner