Version 9! Owner Onboarding

Can’t stop, won’t stop – the latest version of our onboarding flow has been released and is available today!

Registria’s Owner Onboarding is the best way for brands to make powerful first connections with consumers and it keeps getting better. We are dedicated to improving our platform based on consumer and brand feedback and so we are excited to announce the following features:

  • Additional Form Customization Options

    • We know one size does not fit all, so we’re giving you more options to make the onboarding experience unique to your brand
    • From the first to last page we have added fields and text options to enable you to get as little or as much information as you need from your new product owners
  • Register More – Universal 

    • Put yourself in the shoes of a new product owner registering their new item who just had an exceptional onboarding experience. So exceptional in fact that they’re eager to register more of the products they own!
    • Now they can! It doesn’t matter what brand the product is, owners can begin the onboarding process with whichever brand(s) they own.
    • We put our end users first (aka your customers and owners) when developing features that make onboarding even easier. And we know most people own products from a variety of brands
  • Cheers Mate-The UK is now available!

    • Do you sell your products in the UK and the US? Good news! No matter which side of the pond your owners live on, they can all have a brilliant onboarding experience.
    • Better yet, location specific forms are localized to that specific location. For example, we will not be asking UK owners to enter dates or addresses the same way we ask owners in the US.

Here we go! Of course, we made a few other minor enhancements and fixed a few bugs as well. If you want to take advantage of these marvelous features and provide the best consumer onboarding in the industry, please talk to your client success manager or contact us at

Carla Moody

Product Owner