Version 7! Owner Onboarding

The Version train keeps on chugging. Version 7 of our Standard Owner Onboarding flow is now available.

Registria’s Owner Onboarding is the best way for brands to make powerful first connections with consumers and it keeps getting better. We are dedicated to improving our platform based on consumer and brand feedback and so we are excited to announce the following features:

  • Custom Fields!

    • Getting the right data from your owners is critical to providing a personalized experience that only your brand can provide. Customize it. Tailor it. Personalize it. Roll out the red carpet. Custom fields give you the data you need to get a 360 profile of your customers. We now support all types of custom fields from text boxes to dropdowns to checkboxes.
  • Campaigns and Payments

    • Don’t let your relationship with your customers end with registration-Build campaign lists and send targeted emails to get consumers to take action. Customers will land on an e-commerce capable site when they can purchase products and services directly from you.
    • This is a game changer for increasing the lifetime value of your customers through service plan and accessory or refill offers.
  • Listrak Integration

    • If you use Listrak to build email lists, you can now integrate directly with Registria and build your lists real time as customers register.
  • “Other” in Purchased From Field

    • You want to know where your customers purchased your products from. But just in case their option isn’t in the dropdown, they can select “other” so they don’t get stuck.
    • This is a great way for customers to tell you if they received your product as a gift

Here we go! Of course, we made a few other minor enhancements and fixed a few bugs as well. If you want to take advantage of these marvelous features and provide the best consumer onboarding in the industry, please talk to your client success manager or contact us at

Carla Moody

Product Owner