Product Brands Big Pivot Into The Service-Based Economy

Registria to Publish New Proprietary Research

Consumer interest in subscription (or service-based) models is rapidly emerging as a new form of ownership. From clothes to cars to blenders, consumers are willing to give up “total ownership” for ease and future flexibility. This new way of consumption is particularly appealing to younger generations with growing disposable income — the future super buyers for brands worldwide.

Registria recently surveyed over 5,000 product owners from a variety of product categories and brands to capture the consumer preferences and sentiment for the service-based model. We are presenting the results during the Extended Warranty and Service Contract Innovations show on September 18, 2019. A full report will be published and available soon after.

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Registria’s Research Objectives and Methodology


Examine consumer sentiment, preferences and key drivers for service-based models when purchasing durable goods such as home appliances (large and small), electronics, digital imaging (i.e., cameras) and installed home equipment (i.e., HVAC).


The research panel will be based on a highly-targeted sample within the product categories above. Panel size: 5,795 verified product owners responded to online surveys and were determined as the focus group. The analysis was completed by Registria’s Owner Insights team.

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