Wow! Another version already. It’s True! Version 6 of our Standard Owner Onboarding flow is now available.

Registria’s Owner Onboarding is the best way for brands to make powerful first connections with consumers and it keeps getting better. We strive to provide to world’s premiere product registration management service. We are dedicated to improving our platform based on consumer and brand feedback and so we are excited to announce the following features:

  • Surveys Are Here!

    • Want to gather research insights directly from your customers. You can now enable survey questions and collect customer feedback. This data is essential for any brand to continue improving and giving their new product owners what they want. By giving new owners an opportunity to provide feedback, you can start generating additional insights as soon as you start using our onboarding software.
  • Facebook Tracking Pixel

    • It’s now so much more than just registration. Place your Facebook Tracking Pixel in your onboarding flow so your social media campaigns are aware of new product owners.
  • More Personalized Content

    • You can offer personalized messages based on survey responses and registered products. Give your customers a tailored onboarding experience that matches the tone and voice of your brand.
  • Full Story Analysis

    • Do you geek out on actual user data? Us too! With Full-story, Registria monitors our onboarding flow to make sure it is efficient and effective and that your customers are having an excellent onboarding experience.
  • Optional Email 

    • Capturing email is a first step in building your CRM. However, there are industries for which requiring an email address is non-compliant. We allow you to make this an option field, allowing you to create compliant forms.
  • Model # auto-complete by brand

    • If your account has many brands associated to it, you can now limit the products that display in the model # autocomplete by those brands. This simplifies the list to only relevant products for that brands, which is good, because we’re all about simple.

Let’s go for it! Of course, we made a few other minor enhancements and fixed a few bugs as well. If you want to take advantage of these marvelous features and provide the best consumer onboarding in the industry, please talk to your client success manager or contact us at Registria is dedicated to providing the world’s best product registration management.


Sample Survey:

Dynamic Surveys from Product Registration

More Personalized Content:

Carla Moody

Product Owner



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