Digital consumers are driving the Ownership Experience

Every year in Chicago, home appliance and housewares executives converge at the Chief Housewares Executive SuperSession.  The strategic education and networking event connects many high-profile industry experts to share information and ideas with housewares and home goods decision makers.

Registria is a sponsor of this year’s two day event and we are proud of our partnership with many of the leading home appliance and housewares brands. This year’s conference will be held on September 24 – 25 at The Hyatt Lodge at McDonald’s Campus in Oak Brook, Illinois. We would love to connect at CHESS to discuss how we can support your direct-to-consumer (DTC) and digital transformation objectives.

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Ownership Experiences

Today’s home + housewares consumer is “hungry for innovation and experiences,” according to IHA trend expert and Senior Vice President, Tom Mirable. As consumer and retail landscapes shift, it’s becoming more important that brands know who their customers are and provide them the personalized experiences they expect.

Brands like Groupe SEB are utilizing technology and best practices to identify more of their product owners during the out-of-box experience. Leveraging this moment – when your product owner is highly engaged and excited – to extend a welcome and thank you for purchasing your product starts the relationship on a positive note, leading to more opportunities later on.

Digital Disruption

With consumers demanding rich digital experiences, brands are being forced to rethink their once-stable supply chain model.

Where does this leave product brands that have typically relied on retailers to serve their customers? Home + Housewares brands need to move quickly to adopt and execute strategies that give them more control over the customer relationship.

The Impact on Shoppers

There is no doubt that digital consumers are becoming the center of retail and brand experience strategy. Convenience, connectivity and personalization are all key drivers in both the purchasing process and post-purchase customer experience.

In this hyper-competitive landscape, brands must ask themselves three questions:

  • How can I engage with my customer at the right PLACE?
  • How can I engage with my customer at the right TIME?
  • How can I engage with my customer at the right PRICE?