Yep! Version 5 of our Standard Owner Onboarding flow is now available. Registria’s onboarding is the best way for brands to connect with consumers and it keeps getting better. We are dedicated to improving our platform based on consumer and brand feedback and so we are excited to announce the following features:

  • Serial # & Model # Helpers
    • Let’s say one of your product owners visits your online registration form without using Photoregister’s method of easily identifying the product.  Well, sometimes those model numbers and serial numbers can be hard to find. Now you can add help dialogues that help people know where to find those long, difficult, arduous, complicated numbers. Yes, this is also a plug for Photoregister.
  • Brand Fonts
    • Registria’s onboarding flow is meant to highlight your brand’s awesomeness. So if you’re tired of Registria’s default Open Sans Font, we now have the ability to import your brand’s font and it will be used throughout the entire theme. However, we reserve the right to veto Comic Sans.
  • Installed By
    • Are your brand’s products professionally installed? Are they unprofessionally installed? Well, now you can know. If installers are filling out the registration form, they can now pick their name from an easy dropdown list. If consumers are filling out the form, they can do the same. Go get that data!
  • First Name / Last Name
    • Traditionally our registration form has asked for a single entry of “Full Name”. Well, based on feedback, we now allow you to split this field into a 2 fields: first name and last name. So that way when John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt registers your product, maybe he’ll save some time by only having to put in John Schmidt.
  • SMS Opt In
    • Need permission to text? Actually, that’s not a question. You absolutely need permission to text. That’s why Photoregister is so great. We open a natural text channel for you. That means the consumer will be more likely to let you text them in the future. Just make sure you get their consent with our SMS Opt In checkbox.

Well, that about wraps it up. Of course, we made a few other minor enhancements and fixed a few bugs as well. If you want to take advantage of these marvelous features and provide the best consumer onboarding in the industry, please talk to your client success manager or contact us at

Dallin Moon
Director of Product


Model Helper (Seriously, you should use Photoregister)

Marketing Opt In And SMS Opt In: