Exciting news, once again, from Registria. We have released a new version of the Registria Standard Template to improve product registration online. In version 4:

  • Site Themes:

    • Theme your site with custom CSS variables to more closely match your new owner onboarding flow to your brand guidelines.
  • Product Resources:

    • Display product tailored resources on the registration confirmation page for immediate engagement. Currently we support
      • Primary call to action
      • YouTube Videos
      • Image Gallery
      • External Links
  • More Site Customization With Markdown Support

    • Leverage markdown syntax to present custom messaging in 4 key areas:
      • Registration Benefits
      • Opt-in Benefits
      • Footer
      • Confirmation Page
  • Other Bug fixes and small enhancements

    • Added placeholder text to the model field to encourage typing model name or product name
    • All external links now open in a new browser tab so the user is not taken away from the registration form
    • Fixed an error when someone would double-click the submit registration button
    • Added the word “Optional” next to fields that are not required


Example of a themed template with Registration and Opt-in Benefits:


Confirmation page with specific product resources:



Confirmation page with custom content for all registrations:



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