Text Based Owner Onboarding

Brands that know who their product owners are and offer them an exceptional ownership experience are reaping the rewards of greater brand affinity. Now imagine knowing who your potential customers are, and connecting directly with them to share information and offers related to a product they are interested in. Introducing Text-to-Connect, another addition to Registria’s portfolio of owner onboarding solutions!

Pinnacle Climate Technologies uses Text-to-Connect to connect with prospective buyers while providing them valuable information to help their purchase decision.

Text-to-Connect is a powerful new tool that opens up a two-way dialog between product brands and consumers using a simple text interface. Text-to-Connect makes it easy for potential buyers — consumers or dealers — to access additional information about a particular product, and you need to know who those potential buyers are.

Text-to-Connect is another way that brands can connect with customers and begin to lay the foundation not only for a sale but also for a long-lasting relationship. It is ideal if you display products in showrooms, sell products through trade shows, or if you want to help people make better product decisions in retail stores.

QR codes only get you partway there, enabling buyers to get more information but leaving you in the dark about who they are. Badge scans may tell you who they are, but not exactly what they are interested in and you still have to follow up with them later.

With Text-to-Connect, brands can offer valuable incentives and rich media product information to potential buyers in exchange for basic contact information. Interested buyers simply text a code or use PhotoRegister℠ to get more product information. They fill out a brief form with basic contact information. They are then are directed to an engaging, action-oriented product landing page that can be customized with specific calls to action, images, videos, and external links.

Text-to-Connect excels at giving your visitors self-guided product assistance in unmanned trade show booths or showrooms. It can also be used to help potential customers make decisions in retail settings by offering product assistance or comparison guides.


If you’d like to see how it works, please get in touch!