We have released a new version of the Registria Standard Template. In version 2.2:

  • Text-To-Connect: https://www.registria.com/2019/05/30/text-to-connect/
  • Form Field Customization: Decide which fields you want to display on your form and if they are required. Here are the fields you can customize.
    • User Name
    • User Phone – (If the user comes from Photoregister℠, we will still save their phone number.)
    • User Address (You can choose to only show zip code)
    • Registration Model
      • If you choose to enter a default SKU, then this value will be pre-populated in the form. Even if you hide the field, it will still be visible. This is mostly for brands who are only doing registration for 1 product.
    • Registration Purchased At
    • Registration Purchase Date
  • Show Installer – We got feedback that many installers were entering in the installers contact information when the brand wanted to collect the homeowners information. Checking this box gives a visual indication to input the homeowners information.
  • Enable Product Category: If you enable product categories then when a user selects a category, this will narrow down the available models the user can select from in the Registration Model field.
  • Improved Partner Offer Design for Mobile: The partner offer design has been optimized for mobile scrolling
  • Other Fixes
    • We fixed an issue so now we are capturing the site domain for registrations that come from a source of Photoregister


Display of Registration Form with address fields hidden: