Here at Registria we are constantly thinking of how to connect brands to consumers in order to provide excellent experiences. Our Text-To-Connect product is another example of this. With Text To Connect, we allow you to connect with potential customers by providing valuable product incentives and content. Here are the basic features:

  • Text a simple code or photo to initiate a conversation.
  • Capture the potential customer’s contact information.
  • Put your product on display with beautiful action-oriented product landing pages.

Text-To-Connect really excels at giving your customer self-guided product assistance in places like Trade Shows & Show Rooms or to even help people make better product decisions in retail stores.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Your potential customer sees a clear and concise Call To Action to Learn More
  2. They send the Photoregister code or photo via text message
  3. Your brand begins a text conversation, guiding them toward a URL to learn more.
  4. The potential customer gives you their contact information
  5. They see a beautifully designed product landing page with key product resources.

Setting Up Text-To-Connect is really easy

  1. After creating a branded site through our Site Builder application, you just need to add a product and Photoregister code.
  2. Once you’ve identified your product, add your product resources:
    1. You can add a primary call to action
    2. Images
    3. Youtube Videos
    4. Useful External Links
  3. Then Create your unique Photoregister Code

Now when your potential customers use Text To Connect, they will get a great product experience and you will know who your potential customers are.

To start using Text-To-Connect, contact your Client Success Representitive or visit our website at