Denver, CO — For the team at Registria HQ in Downtown Denver, our recent move into a new office meant more than just new desks, chairs, and a fantastic new view. Moves are both costly and can have a huge environmental impact, especially in offices that have a graveyard of old technology, furniture, and supplies. Beginning with our move-out, we prioritized being as “green” as possible, starting by donating many items we weren’t taking with us. We donated paper to local schools, and furniture, décor, and technology to area thrift stores. We even found ways to repurpose our old physical workspaces in our new office space.

To keep this momentum rolling into our new space, we focused on a few key areas where we knew we could have the greatest impact.


Our previous office was in a basement…started from the bottom now we’re here! As fun as the basement was, we were completely dependent on overhead lighting at all times of the day. With no natural light we could not keep plants alive no matter how hard we tried.

Lucky for us our new space has floor to ceiling windows in many areas throughout the office. We have greatly cut back on our need for overhead light, working and conducting meetings with just the beautiful Colorado sunshine! With so much sun we have added plants to our office to both purify the air and keep us smiling.

Another way we have made our new space greener was to put timers on our electronic devices to make sure they are turned off when not in use. This not only saves us money on the electric bill, it reduces our overall electricity use.


Our new kitchen provided a major upgrade from our previous location. The additional space allowed us to make conscious choices of what to put in our new cabinets and on our expanded countertops.

We purchased a full set of reusable dish ware and silverware, thus significantly cutting back on our use of paper plates and plastic utensils. So much so, in fact, we have not had to buy any single use plates or utensils since our move!

We knew we had been relying too heavily on single-use coffee pods, so we asked around and were graciously donated another drip coffee pot, which has helped us to eliminate our use of pods. Using a donated coffee pot also allowed us to keep one more thing out of the landfill.


Registria’s 2018 Bike To Work Team

Lastly, we selected an office space and location that makes it easier for employees to utilize public transportation, bikes, scooters, and walking to get to work. Most of our employees are taking the Light Rail (local commuter train), public transportation or their own two legs to the office instead of driving, helping to reduce emissions. We have dedicated bike storage in our building, making it easier for employees to bike in and providing them peace of mind knowing their bike is safe all day.

What’s Next?

Like many of our fellow Coloradoans, we love the great outdoors and feel passionate about doing what we can to help preserve it for generations to come. We will continue to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing how much paper we use, and partnering with eco-conscious companies for our in-office snacks and drinks.

June has also been designated by the “Registria Reach” team, the philanthropy committee, as Green Month. Activities will include the annual Bike to Work event held in Denver on June 26 and various community service activities helping our outdoor spaces. To learn more about joining our team in Denver, visit our company page here.