On-Demand Webinar

Join Registria’s Founder, Chris McDonald, and EVP of Client Success, Matt Parsons, as we venture beyond product registration for an informative webinar focusing on actionable insights to the 2019 Trend Report: The Rise of the Engaged Owner. Chris and Matt will be your guide through a journey beyond traditional registration methods and results, into an era of product owner engagement.

You’ll Learn

  • Why onboarding your product owners is critical to your digital transformation and direct-to-consumer initiatives
  • The impact of an omni-channel onboarding approach on the ownership experience
  • Strategies that successful brands are using to engage more of their product owners
  • How brands can start moving beyond product registration to provide real value to their product owners while discovering accretive revenue for their P&L
  • Which KPI’s brands should measure to maximize their ownership experience results

Matt Parsons

Executive Vice President at Registria

Matt Parsons

Chris McDonald

CEO and Founder


Additional Resources

If you haven’t read the full 2019 Trend Report yet, you can access it below. We ‘d also like to invite you to sign up for our new owner insights email series to receive regular insights as we uncover them.  If you have any questions, comments or if you would like more information on the data, our solutions or best practices, we’re happy to schedule time to speak directly with you or your team.