On-Demand Webinar

Whether you are just starting your brand’s digital transformation efforts or are seeking new ideas to apply to your current digital programs, join Registria and Cuisinart for an insightful look inside the key components to building a high-performing, digital ownership experience. We’ll explore the many reasons why knowing your customers should be at the center of your strategy, and the benefits of a direct relationship with your product owners. Learn from Cuisinart directly about their leading ownership experience success, and how customer knowledge has become a linchpin for their innovative digital marketing efforts.


Know Your Customer | Drive Your Digital Programs

  • Introductions and the Basics of Knowing Your Customers
  • Use Case 1: Gaining Customer Insights for Strategic Business Applications and Outcomes (Starts @ 12:00)
  • Use Case 2: Fueling CRM and Email Programs (Starts @ 15:25)
  • Use Case 3: Building Direct-to-Consumer Initiatives (Starts @ 20:05)
  • Use Case 4: Improving Product Ratings & Reviews (Starts @ 23:10)
  • Summary & Q&A Session (Starts @ 26:45)

Hosted by the International Housewares Association with Cuisinart and Registria


Featured Presenters

Matt Parsons

Executive Vice President at Registria

Matt Parsons is EVP of Client Success at Registria. He is a leader in the ownership experience having spent time at Power Reviews and BazaarVoice.

Christine Kapp

Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Cuisinart