We will be releasing a new version of the Online Registration Standard Template. In this version:

  • Optimized Mobile Workflows: As we consistently focus on the consumer experience to increase your registration rates, we are ushering in a rock-solid foundation of design for a delightful user experience. This new design features prominent, bold branding and is built upon an exciting and modern design framework. Please check out your online registration form to see what it looks like.
  • Bold Branding: Highlight your brand with a consistently branded experience for the entire flow
  • Multi-lingual for any language: Felicidades! We upgraded our translation and multi-lingual capabilities to fully support English, French, and Spanish in US, CA, and MX locales.
  • Amazingly Accessible: Don’t exclude people with disabilities from being able to register their products. After all, it’s illegal.
  • Hundreds of Millions of Return Owners: Our platform makes it easy for hundreds of millions of people who have used PhotoRegister before.
  • Proof of Purchase: Easily collect proof of purchase for your warranty claims and extended service plans.
  • Engage with Unique Offers: Engage your customer with “Owner Offers” built into the confirmation page. With this feature you can highlight up to 3 accessories or associated products based on what the owner registered.

Front Page of the New Design

Owner Offers on the Confirmation Page

Language Support