Let’s Talk Ownership Experiences At CES!

Every January, over 150K people from over 4K consumer technology brands converge in Las Vegas to share innovation, develop strategic partnerships and show the world the latest in technology innovations that shape our lives and experiences.

We’re always delighted to join the conversation with brands who want to improve their ownership experiences.

If you’ll be attending CES, we’d love to connect and share how best practice brands are creating measurable returns for their organizations by knowing more of their customers and optimizing the ownership experience.

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Meet Our Ownership Experience Experts

Collin Cohen

Managing Director

Chris McDonald

CEO and Co-Founder

Alison Parr

SVP of Consumer Durables and Electronics


New Retail: The Direct-to-Owner Channel

When we talk to leading consumer durable brands, many are being squeezed by the double-edged sword of shifts in retail distribution combined with margin pressures. When the customer is king, it’s a race to own the customer relationship to drive direct revenue and long-term loyalty.

By leveraging product registration technology and best practices, we’ve helped brands get closer to their customers and open a brand new sales channel that drives high-margin revenue. How would your brand benefit from connecting with more product owners and opening new direct sales channels with a highly-engaged set of customers?

Using Product Registration to Drive Personalized Experiences

Today’s consumer is connected and therefore it is paramount for brands to provide unified, personalized moments across the channels their product owners prefer. In order to deliver great experiences, the linchpin to identifying which people own your products is product registration. It’s proven when brands make the registration experience as easy as possible for customers, they can identify and connect with upwards of 3-5X more of their product owners within days of purchase. Comparably, if they don’t deliver easy registration they’re missing out on connecting with customers and potential revenue that comes from repeat sales and subsequent customer journey moments after the initial purchase. It’s really quite easy to leverage technology and best practices to improve registration attachment rates and create newfound revenue streams. We’d love to show you how and learn more about your specific objectives in connecting with more of your customers.

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