On-Demand Webinar:
The New Point of Sale


Product Registration is becoming a new sales channel for brands that are willing to leverage new technologies, advanced data analytics and best practices. Consumer durable brands that nail the “Moment of Truth,” or the “Point of Registration,” are connecting with more of their customers within days of purchase, and facilitating highly relevant experiences that drive newfound, high-margin revenue and higher brand advocacy.

This informative webinar, co-hosted by our partners at Splash Analytics, defines the critical moments brands can use to generate high-margin revenue from a highly engaged segment of the market – people who bought and registered their products.


What We’ll Cover

  • How brands can leverage product registration, “The Moment of Truth,” to begin a life-long relationship with their customers
  • Key moments along the post-sale ownership experience that drive high-margin revenue
    • Extended service plan programs spanning the entire product lifecycle
    • Personalized product or service offers highly relevant to the registered product
    • Marketing campaigns targeted to an engaged audience that perform better than traditional marketing tactics
  • How brands are using advanced analytics to optimize the ownership experience and drive direct-to-owner (DTO) program results

Featured Presenters

Chris McDonald

CEO and Founder at Registria

Ryan Mitcham

VP of Analytics & Strategy at Splash Analytics