Enhancing the Ownership Experience with Mobile

“Mobile is the foundation of a connected marketing strategy and marketers must embrace this reality”  – 

Many brands struggle with how to engage their product buyers on an ongoing basis. For B2C brands that use retail channels, the challenge is even greater as the brand may not even know who their customers are.

By introducing new ways to engage their customers via mobile, brands are not only providing great value to their customers but they are producing real, high-margin, revenue — a lot of times from a channel that simply didn’t exist several years or even months ago.

What You’ll Learn

  • Challenges that brands face with post-purchase engagement
  • What’s working and what’s not when brands turn to mobile onboarding
  • The differences in how brands offer and execute mobile product registration
  • How you can provide value for your customers during onboarding
  • Comparing mobile onboarding methods –QR Codes vs Photoregister

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