Denver, CO – The Outdoor Retailer Summer Market kicks off on Monday in Denver (hope to see you there!). As such, it is the perfect time to announce that Registria has joined the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA). With more than 1,200 members across all segments of the outdoor industry, OIA is the leading trade association for the outdoor industry and the title sponsor of the Outdoor Retailer trade show. We are also a sponsor of the OIA Industry Breakfast on Monday. All breakfast attendees will have a chance to see Registria’s Photoregister solution in action and to have us donate $1 in their name to the Outdoor Foundation, OIA’s non-profit. Like OIA and their members, we stand behind responsible industry practices and trade legislation as well as sustainable business innovation. We are also thrilled to be headquartered in Denver, Colorado where there are so many diverse and fun outdoor activities for everyone! Registria is eager to demonstrate our commitment to the brands and product owners that encompass the OIA. Our work with brands in household goods and other consumer industries has shown how to turn key moments of customer engagement into a lifelong relationship between brands and owners.

Photo by Alexander Andrews

Consumers have a fantastic brand affinity for outdoor brands, but the infrastructure for a mutually beneficial, ongoing relationship is often lacking. Whether or not a brand is currently leveraging product registration, our solutions utilize technology that helps brands discover who buys their products and establish two-way communication that leads to additional revenue (a new point of sale, in fact), more and better product reviews, and ongoing communication. For product owners, our mobile onboarding solution offers an easy and convenient way to not only register their products, but also to connect with the brands they buy. In the outdoor industry especially, consumers hold brands to a higher standard with regard to corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and authenticity. Having a direct and personalized line of communication with product owners gives brands an easy and affordable way to keep owners informed, and deepens trust in the brand. If you would like to know more about Registria’s customer onboarding and engagement solutions, you can schedule a time to meet with us at the Outdoor Retailer show.