Denver, CO – My wife and I had wanted a wine fridge for several months and had been shopping around town and online.  We ended up choosing the Cuisinart Private Reserve 16 bottle Wine Cellar because it was a known brand, the stainless-steel finish matched the other appliances in our kitchen, and the height was perfectly sized to fit under our cabinets when placed on the countertop.

When it showed up at our door we were both excited to set it up.  As I opened the box one of the first things I noticed was a product registration card on top of the fridge.  I set it aside and continued with the setup.  Fifteen minutes later our new wine fridge was up and running and stocked with all the wine we had bought in anticipation of this new toy  (I mean, who wants a new wine fridge and no wine to put in it?).

Mark Zimmerman joined Registria after using Photoregister to connect with Cuisinart post-purchase.

While cleaning up I happened to notice again the registration card on the counter. It stated how quickly I could register the product by taking a picture with my phone.  Normally I would just discard stuff like that, but I wanted to make sure my new toy was properly protected in the system, so I figured I’d give it a try.  I followed the instructions, which said to take a picture of the code printed on the card and text it to the number provided.  That took me about 15 seconds, and I quickly received a reply text that directed me to a link to finish the process.

When the registration form pulled up in my mobile browser, my phone populated most of the fields, and I filled in the rest.  After submitting the finished form, I received a text message that I had successfully registered my product. I was amazed at how easy and quick this process was, versus the old way of filling out a long form, finding a stamp and putting it in the mail (something I typically didn’t do).

The other thing I noticed while going through the process was that the URL I was directed to was something along the lines of, not Curious, I looked up, and was pleasantly surprised to see that the registration process was run by a company in Denver.  I thought it was really cool how a local company was working with a global brand like Cuisinart.

A month or so later my phone sent me a notification from my LinkedIn account that Registria was looking for a Project Manager (my expertise!).   I remembered them from my wine fridge experience and sent in my resume.  A few days later I received an email from them asking if I’d like to discuss the position over the phone.  One thing led to another and I’m happy to say that I’m now the Senior Project Manager at Registria! It’s funny how things work out sometimes.

Editor’s Note: We’re excited to welcome Mark to the Registria team! Mark has a passion and affinity for technical project management that he’s demonstrated over the last 18 years at companies in the Denver area.

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